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Khals CPR COVID19 Safety Measures

We have taken the following measures to ensure your safety while taking a classroom course or a skills session with us during COVID19 pandemic:

1. We capped each class's size to 3-5 students (depending on the location and its space) to maintain a safe distance (6 feet) between students during training.

2. Students are issued their own training kits (manikin, face mask and AED) so no surface sharing during class.

3. We clean and disinfect with Hydrogen peroxide during class and 10% bleach after classes.

4. All students are asked to wash hands before training (hand washing station is available at all locations).

5. All students are offered PPE (face mask, gloves).

6. We have excused all students from demonstrating any breathing skill through the mouth, the ability to seal the pocket mask on the manikins face is sufficient to pass the skills station. (however in advanced courses; students are still required to demonstrate manual ventilation skill via a bag).

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I highly recommend this class to everyone, learned so much !!

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